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Joe Satriani discusses some of the best advice he ever received…


Satriani Talks About Music Education

The Education of Joe Satriani

Live Stream – Lennie Tristano: Ertegun Jazz Hall of Fame Celebration

With pianist Kazzrie Jaxen, tenor saxophonist Charley Krachy, bassist Don Messina, and drummer Bill Chattin Lennie Tristano will be inducted into the Ertegun Jazz Hall of Fame. Induction speeches will begin at 7:20pm.

Jazz Hall of Fame: Dexter Gordon, Lennie Tristano & James P. Johnson Become Newest Members


Lennie Tristano – Paris Jazz Festival – 1965

Edmonton Journal Interview with Lee Konitz

Lee talks briefly about his current tour with Dan Tepfer.

Edmonton Journal

NEA Jazz Master Lee Konitz & Dan Tepfer Duo at Constellation in Chicago 2/20/2015

It’s short notice but…

Legendary saxophonist Lee Konitz – whose career has included work with Miles Davis and Lennie Tristano – performs tonight in a rare, intimate duo setting with pianist Dan Tepfer. Lee Konitz is one of the more distinctive alto saxophonists in jazz since Charlie Parker (and one of the few that did not outright copy Parker’s style), pairing his individual style and voice with a strong sense of innovation. Dan Tepfer has collaborated with Lee Konitz recording Duos with Lee on Sunnyside Records in 2009. Hear the Lee Konitz & Dan Tepfer Duo perform at Constellation on Friday, February 20th with sets at 7:30 ($20-$25) and 9:30 ($15-$25).

Tickets are available at

Born Identity: Tristano-Inspired Music Meets Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra

The name of this Indie Pop project sounds like a campy, 50s, B movie.  It’s really Ted Brown’s daughter Anita who was working on a project with her jazz orchestra.  Sounds like it would have been a cool project!

Born Identity invites friends to co-commission Anita Brown to write arrangements of music inspired by Lennie Tristano for her band, Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra

Cool idea…

Eunmi Shim’s Treatise on Lennie Tristano

The new site format also allows for revivification of older articles and surely this one  deserves a bump.
References to Eunmi’s tome now dominate the footnotes of almost all that is online regarding Lennie.
From the site:
“The first biography of one of the most influential but unheralded musicians in jazz history”

NPR Fresh Air: Lennie Tristano: Cool Reputation, Hot Jazz

AprilChicago“Laser beams of jazz”

The moment I heard the news of the Chicago April 1951 release, I  Amazon Primed this disc to my house.  I was dismayed to hear that on their first attempt, our trusty US postal service was unable to delivery this very important package in my mail box.  Fortunately, I was given another option!  Wading through reams of bureaucratic forms to register at the USPS website so that I could indemnify them should they return and leave the package without a person to  sign for it.  Was it worth it?   Yes it was and I would do it again in a minute.

Such a very exciting recording, the record was reviewed on National Public Radio last week.  (Hearing Terry Gross say “Tristano” so many times was odd to my ears.)  But Fresh Air jazz critic Kevin Whitehead shines his own spotlight on the laser beams on his review of the newly released Chicago April 1951 live recording of Lennie.

NPR: Lennie Tristano: Cool Reputation, Hot Jazz