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Line Up Movie???

Postby Richard Tabnik » Wed Nov 10, 2010 4:48 pm

around 1959, i was in second grade [!] and two college age art students came into my class and showed a movie
that they had made. Visually, it was abstract moving colors with a sort of changing black shape in the middle; the sound
track was Line Up!

I only saw/heard it once but never forgot it; the bass and drum intro were amazing to me,
and the piano sound hooked me.

I didn't identify it until years later. I thought about the experience many times. No one has ever heard of this until i asked
Roger Mancuso about it. He'd actually seen it since he was in art school at the time!!!

Has anyone ever heard about this or perhaps does anyone have any idea who made this?

It was electrifying for a 7 year old kid and, the case could be made, it set the course of my life. It amazes me to this day
that i remembered this and actually verified it...


Richard Tabnik, jazz alto saxophonist

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