Scene and Variation / Atlantic 1357

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Scene and Variation / Atlantic 1357

Postby Virtuosic1 » Tue Jan 09, 2007 7:14 pm

Movement 1, "Carol". An incredible improvisation. Here's my version of it (I play it slightly different each time), with embelishments, added tones, sometimes slight dynamic and pacing changes. Sometimes with a little more swing:

I tried to upload a video of this because the fingering, with harmonic chord aggregates (up to 15 notes each, thumbs and pinkies sometimes on up to 3 notes each) are something to see, but had probems loading to Youtube. I'll keep trying to post it on Youtube.

I also play this (and mostly everything else of Lennies that I've transcribed) backwards. In perfect reverse. It's just as amazing a piece of music in retrograde as the overall is extremely superstructured, much like Bartok's Music for Percusiion, Strings, and Celeste, like the opening and closing of a fan.

I also have posted here as Disciple.
My version of Tristano's "Scene and Variation":

A file with examples of my improvising:

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