1943 Recording of Tristano Playing Sax

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1943 Recording of Tristano Playing Sax

Postby Robert A. Fox » Tue Nov 30, 2004 1:17 pm

In roughly 1985 I ran across a compilation album that included two tracks said to be Lennie Tristano, in 1943, overdubbing four tenor sax recordings, unaccompanied, with two 78 rpm disc recorders. They were two jazz standards of the thirties.

The recording was in a huge LP collection at a radio station where I did a weekly jazz program till twelve years ago. I have visited the station several times and tried to find it, with no success. Unfortunately, I seem only to recall the album title ended with the word "forties or 40s". I cannot recall who else was on the album or the album's label, just that there were eight tracks, including the two of Tristano.

Tristano, once more, has been unaccredited as being ahead of his time. Those two unprecedented tracks were certainly well ahead of Les Paul's overdubbing of 1949.

Is there anyone reading this that has those two Tristano tracks? I would love a copy, or even just the label and album title so I could search for it. Any help is welcome.

Bob Fox
I am a 50 year or so Tristano enthusiast. I have many of his recordings but was never lucky enough to see him perform.

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