Looking for a self-published "book"

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Looking for a self-published "book"

Postby ryan » Mon Aug 27, 2007 9:54 am

Hi guys, I don't know what section this should go in so I'm posting it in a few just to get it seen.

A teacher of mine told me about something he worked through with another student about 3 years ago that dealt with Tristano's teaching. He doesn't remember who wrote it and we're trying to find it again. It was self-published...basically you email the author (and pay him I assume) and he prints out a big packet for you. I guess it is his notes from studies with Tristano, organized in a way that you can sort of get into the concepts yourself.

I've been trying to find this and have had no luck so far. There is the paper by Eunmi Shim but that doesn't seem to be it, according to my teacher. I also asked Eunmi Shim about it and she said that she recalls something like that (but doesn't remember anything other than the author's last name being Italian) and she doesn't think that her paper is what we're trying to find.

Does this ring a bell for anybody? If you know what I'm talking about and who to contact about it, you would be my hero. :D


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Postby keith » Tue Aug 28, 2007 4:41 am

Hi Ryan,

They may be thinking about "My Years With Lennie Tristano" by Ed Paolantonio.



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