New book on Lee Konitz is dedicated to Lennie

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Marv Friedenn
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Postby Marv Friedenn » Sun Feb 10, 2008 11:41 am

Oh Marv, (I hear Jostber complain) ease up on Lee. He made a living performing not just teaching. Naturally he had to keep up with the times and the divagations of musical taste more than Lenny. It’s just that (I reply), as Lee says somewhere in his book, at the time he didn’t realize what he had with Lennie. But that Lee (who might have known better) didn’t know what hundreds of his fans likewise never suspected, that the band was not just good but was a once in a lifetime musical windfall of pennies from heaven, breaks my heart. (Lennie’s melody line on Wow, which I'm going to discuss below, is based not on Pennies From Heaven but on the chords to You Can Depend On Me. In view of the pressure to survive as performing artists, which exacerbated the personal hang-ups and relational fuck-ups of the band members, and which finally caused them to go their separate ways, the lyrics of You Can Depend On Me--as rendered by Manhattan Transfer with Earl Hines--is sadly prophetic: “Though you say we’re through, I’ll always love you. You know you can depend on me. If you need a friend I’m yours until the end. You know you can count on me. I wish you success and loads of happiness. But I must confess I’ll be lonely if someone you’ve met has made you forget you know you can count on me.â€

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Postby jostber » Wed Feb 20, 2008 5:11 am

Hey, great post above Marv! The early Lee Konitz with Lennie was really something, and the "Wow" sessions are some of my favourites.

I just got received this album with Lee:


Great recordings with Elvin Jones from 1961.

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