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"Let's Have a Session" the album

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 3:32 am
by keith
Does anyone know what the deal is with this:

Let's Have a Session - a record containing 8 songs of background music for students to solo over. The artists on this particular album happen to be Billy Bauer, Arnold Fishkin, Tony Aless and Don Lamond.

Track Listing

1. Easy Walkin’ Blues
2. Out of nowhere
3. These foolish things
4. Indiana
5. Somebody Loves Me
6. September in the rain
7. Ghost of a chance
8. ‘swonderful

Is this a complete bootleg or an "authorized" version? I have a feeling that this was made from the original LP. This particular CD sells for over $50 US.

The reason I'm so interested is that I have this album (on vinyl) and I've seen them sell on ebay for over $200 - which is amazing in itself - but why would a CD which is a copy of an album go for so much?