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Scene and Variation / Atlantic 1357

Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 7:14 pm
by Virtuosic1
Movement 1, "Carol". An incredible improvisation. Here's my version of it (I play it slightly different each time), with embelishments, added tones, sometimes slight dynamic and pacing changes. Sometimes with a little more swing:

I tried to upload a video of this because the fingering, with harmonic chord aggregates (up to 15 notes each, thumbs and pinkies sometimes on up to 3 notes each) are something to see, but had probems loading to Youtube. I'll keep trying to post it on Youtube.

I also play this (and mostly everything else of Lennies that I've transcribed) backwards. In perfect reverse. It's just as amazing a piece of music in retrograde as the overall is extremely superstructured, much like Bartok's Music for Percusiion, Strings, and Celeste, like the opening and closing of a fan.

I also have posted here as Disciple.