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Lennie Tristano: Other Info Sources

Posted: Wed Dec 03, 2003 7:20 pm
by szirotnyak
I haven't turned the world upside-down via extensive research, but I thought I'd list a few things here that I've come across. I'm sure most people who will visit will have absorbed much of this already, but I'm also certain that further contributions would be welcomed.

Ira Gitler's book The Masters of Bebop (Da Capo) contains an excellent 30+ page chapter on Lennie and Lee Konitz; it's the longest essay I've yet found. I read it often.

Right now I've got two issues of Down Beat with Lennie on the cover and interviewed within:
May 16, 1956
October 16, 1969
I'm sure there are several others, as well as a slew of Metronome appearances.

There is the Copenhagen Concert solo DVD available from IDEM in Andorra(!); the visible stage setup would tend to indidcate there was also a small group performance that night (Halloween 1965, or, as I like to think of it, Bob Graettinger's Birthday, 1965). Does anyone know if there was more footage shot?

Apparently there was also a PBS television broadcast somewhere along the line, though I can't recall when or from where. I wonder if someone has preserved that...

Finally, I was pleasantly surprised to find, while thumbing through an old stack of Holiday magazines, that on page 55 of the April, 1949 issue, there is a delightfully crisp 1/2 page Ike Vern photo taken from the back of the stage at the Royal Roost, showing Bauer, Konitz and Tristano playing to a packed house. The patrons' good taste is both music and fashion is plainly evident.

If anyone else has any further sources to recommend, whether obscure or mainstream, I'm all ears...

Posted: Fri Apr 23, 2004 7:30 am
by jostber

More bio

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2005 3:31 am
by jostber


Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2005 12:20 pm
by bjorn solli
see, what most people don't know is that there is a dissertation written by Eunmi Shim wich is extremely thorough and comprehencive. She spent years writing it, gathering info from Lennies students and fellow musicians aswell as from all the previous writings on the subject. She has come up with a great book with a biographical section, she talks about his teaching and there is a transcription and analysis section and a complete discography. It is a great read and a must for anyone who is into Lennie. Much better than roaming through the internet.
The dissertation was a big part of the source material for the bio i postet here earlier.
I got the book from some facsimile company, but i forget the name.


Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2005 9:02 am
by jostber

Volume 24

Posted: Sat Nov 19, 2005 5:58 am
by jostber

New book?

Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 6:46 am
by jostber