One scale aspect - more to follow?

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One scale aspect - more to follow?

Postby Tony Jack » Mon Nov 17, 2003 5:57 am

With the unwarranted amount of attention given to the Brecker style of
playing and the Aebersold methods, I think it interesting to note that
Lennie was using 1/2 tone up melodic minor scale materials in 1946.
He also invented the string-bass style piano bass which allowed him maximum leeway for right-hand harmonic twists.
For example:
On an awful tune like "I found a new Baby" ( --awful because difficult to impart a "sophisticated" tinge to a rather banal set of changes) LT frequently uses a descending run starting with aug5, b5 and through
(A7....F Eb Db C Bb A G (or Gb LINK)F (E)) and in one case follows it with the A triad for maximum contrast.
A too frequently heard construction in these dreary days, indeed, it seems as if it is the ONLY "way out" construction these taught-by-rote players use!
Those who love Lennie know where inventiveness stopped ---about 1978.
(Yes yes - I KNOW the single-note bass existed before BACH for example)
IFANBABY is on "Out on a Limb" Track 4 IGO CD 2086

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