HELP! Found/Lost Lennie on Sax

Posted by BOB FOX ( on 23:17:03 03/23/03

Sometime around 1985 or so I found a compilation recording that included two tracks of Lennie Tristano on sax. The really remarkable thing was that it was an overdubbed recording, done with two 78 rpm recording machines in 1943. He recorded four part harmony on two standards. This is the first known (to me) overdubbing done, several years ahead of Les Paul, who used tape. Of course I put the LP back in the huge library of LP's in that radio station where I worked and lost track of it. I have not been able to find any mention anywhere of this seminal event. I don't recall the titles or brand of recording. If anyone knows of this recording, and maybe where I could obtain a copy of it (a cassette copy would be fine) please let me know. I am a nearly fifty year fan of Tristano.

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