Can only unnotated timing constitute music?

Posted by Aratori () on 07:48:22 11/23/02

Hello, musical friends.
I have been practicing 20 years Tristano-style solo piano while concentrating on timing. The experiment is letting unnotated timing play main role in constituting music and as a result nullifying melody and harmony. I named it 'timing progression', its music 'TP music', which are stated in my website. It might be related to what Lennie thought.

I mean by unnotated timing like '54:44 45:53 57:28 60:46', which are proportions of 4 pairs of eighth notes. Now length of one metronome beat is defined as 100, but that of performed one beat is not 100; 54+44=98; 45+53=98; 57+28=87; 60+46=106. The proportions above are roughly '5:4 5:6 2:1 4:3', if canceled although meaningless. How much can we perceive those proportions? If we can not perceive them notationally, how do we perceive? Is there any law of patterns of sequence of unnotated timing, like chord progression?

Now we have MIDI system to know precisely and research timing performed. The system was not available for Lennie's times. If he had, he might have been interested in such experiment. What do you think?

The example above of 4 pairs of eighth notes is the last bar of the performed sound of

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